Mission Statement:

Helping people see the world and themselves better.


Vision Statement:

ThirdEyeChic Optometry believes its purpose in this lifetime is to help people see the world, their loved ones, and most importantly, themselves better.  We believe our soul’s purpose is to evolve. We believe we cannot teach something until we have mastered it ourselves. Most people don’t have years to spend learning from great masters all over the world.  We have.  We feel its our moral and human responsibility to make this knowledge and wisdom accessible to everyone; our suppliers, our team members, our patients, our community.  

We achieve this with a 3 part approach starting with the outermost layer and moving inward.  First is the easiest part, we correct eyesight through a comprehensive eye examination.  Second, we go a little deeper in the physical plane and discuss how our patients are taking care of their bodies through nutrition and exercise.  The third, most subtle layer, we tap into is the energetic level where stress, feelings and emotions live.  

This takes a strong commitment on all of our parts to remain humble and brave. By treating each person that comes into our culture with this triad in mind, ourselves included,  we know we will be successful while still making the world a better place.