Myopia: also referred to as “near sightedness.” Here we see better near than far.

Astigmatism:  one meridian of the cornea needs a stronger prescription than the others.  Will affect both reading and distance vision.

Hyperopia:  also referred to as “far sightedness.” Here we see better far than near.

Presbyopa: also referred to as “my arms are not long enough for me to read clearly.” Commonly affects us at, or around, ages 40-45.

Dry Eye: is a condition where the eyes don’t produce enough tears or the right quality of tears to be healthy or comfortable.

Contact Lens: when overworn, most common cause of dry eye and contact lens related issues.

The most common types of contact lenses used are soft daily wear.  There are lenses made for extended wear and one should confirm this with us before sleeping in them.  Wearing time should remain at about 12 hours per day. If needed longer, speak to us so that we can make you comfortable and safe in them. 

If your eyes get red, irritated, and or with a foreign body sensation; remove your lenses immediately and use artificial tears.  If the symptoms persist, contact us for a check-up.  

Conjunctivitis: also known as “pink eye”. Waking up with more than normal crusty sleep in the eye or mucus discharge, redness and irritation. Requires a visit.  Call us so we can get you started on appropriate antibiotic treatment. Symptoms clear up within a day or 2 with antibiotic drops.  Please take your medications for the full term as prescribed and be sure not to use contact lenses during treatment.