Drops and Solutions

We commonly find that patients are using Visine or Clear Eyes to treat dry, red eyes. While these drops do alleviate redness as a quick fix, symptoms still persist as dryness is typically the underlying problem. Treating the cause (dryness) will in effect treat the symptom (redness).

Here are some of ThirdEyeChic Optometry‘s favorite drops to use. All are over the counter:

With Contact Lenses On: Refresh Tears, Refresh Contacts, Blink Drops
Mild Dryness: Refresh Tears, Refresh Plus, Refresh Optive
Mild to Moderate: Refresh Liquigel, Systane Gel Drops
Severe Dryness: Refresh PM

Contact Lens Solutions:

We recommend Alcon’s Opti-Free Pure Moist. If this care system doesn’t bring you comfort, then we recommend Clear Care Hydrogen Peroxide Care System. Please be sure to follow directions carefully with the Clear Care system, as not doing so, may lead to burning.